Welcome to Tasco Art Salon, I am Robin Tasco

I am a master electrician for over 30 years , and I truly enjoy putting wires together to make a light come on in a dark room or wire a receptacle to power up a computer, or an electrical vehicle charging station or just a toaster oven. 


     I believe in the Law of attraction. Like attracts like. As a certified master electrician, I understand the theory of electro-magnetism. The same theory is true when we visualize our dreams and goals. I have been using my Vision Board Workshops since 2012 to teach my students the essential techniques to build confidence and improve quality of life. I firmly believe that anyone can harness the creative power of a clear and personal vision to manifest whatever one wants to, whether it be a short term goal or a long term life change.


     Being the seventh child of eight children you learn fast how to save and re-purpose almost anything. Having such a large family we were always doing something crafty together from painting our letter initials to gluing paper on a wooden piece of board. I also enjoy taking an old piece of tattered furniture and giving it a new look. Reminiscing back from my younger years is what inspired me to create our ( MIY ) Make It Yourself workshops. I feel so wonderful sitting around a group of people  young and old sharing ideas and creating something amazing. 



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